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Dutch Trade Office is the next frontier for many companies active in global trading could potentially have tremendous impact on your bottom line.



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Suppliers and buyers are welcome to join global trading desks for expanding trading in a safe environment based on mutual benefits in the global market. The aim of the Global Trading Desks (GTD) is to focus on one land/market, the business will know each other better in atrustfully ambiance. The network of the country or the market erea will grow and will be beneficially for both sides. The members do not need to start over each year for looking customers or suppliers, the desk will expand the relationship and work on new possibilities to increase the trading. The concentrated knowledge at one place will makes general trading easier and efficient for both sides. Dutch Trade Office as the central point of the desks will find trade leads, monitor the leads and give advice to the registered countries and companies that are active in trading. Our consulting in import and export, banking, finding trustfully trade partners and customers, legal support and cooperating with responsible entities such as authorities, customs, TAX office and incorporating with Chamber of Commerce of the countries involved in Global Trading Desks. The interested companies in joining the DTO will be registered as a member after approval by the chambers of commerce of the country of the origin. The members will become all certified members.


Join Dutch Trade Desks by going to member page or send an email to:



DTO desks and companies:


Desk Iran:

Irandutch, Dutch Flowers Office B.V, Green Business Netherlands B.V.


Desk China:

China trade Office B.V, IQ B.V.



Join Dutch Trade Desks by going to member page or send an email to:


Iskandar Soltani (Ario)


Dutch Trade Office



Joining Dutch Trade Office is joining global market and building a safe international relationship at the same time.

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