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Dutch Trade Office (DTO) is a marketing, trading company which is promoting and selling Dutch products in the global market places and is looking for foreign products for Dutch buyers. DTO is registering companies worldwide that are interested in doing business with Dutch companies. The foreign products and the companies which are registered at DTO will be introduced to Dutch companies, their products will be promoted and sell online. To ease the matchmaking, we need correct information about the products, packaging, quantities, shipping, price, all information that will be used on the page and for the buyers.

Suppliers and buyers are welcome to join global trading desks based on mutual benefits in the global market. The aim of the Global Trading Desks (GTD) is to implement the general beneficial trading activities that make trading easier and efficient for parties and countries which are less reachable. Dutch Trading Office as the central point of all desks and will find trade leads, monitor the leads and give advice to the registered businesses. We will guide and provide services and products to all suppliers and buyers in a trustful environment. DTO provide, assist and consult about import and export, banking, finding trust fully trade partners and customers, legal support and cooperating with responsible entities such as authorities, customs, TAX office and incorporating with Chamber of Commerce of the countries involved trading, Investment, import & export, business formation and stablishing new companies in the Netherlands.

DTO mission

Dutch Trade Office is a Dutch B2B global portal, based in the Netherlands. To bring the buyers and suppliers closer and to avoid unnecessary expenses for both parties we create a data list of those who are willing to corporate with us. We like to create an office that can supply the products for the buyers globally at any time is required. The same for the suppliers, who are in need of buyers.

Fallowing our goal as a platform we buy from first-hand suppliers and sells to buyers. To bring the cost and the price lower we try to shorten the chain of the trading. Our suppliers appreciate our work because we help them with making a sustainable relationship between buyers and suppliers. Most suppliers are dealing with 100 good customers and 500 false suspects/buyers. Dutch Trade Office controls the buyer's origin and capability and deals only with trustfully buyers.

We receive buyers and suppliers from all of the worlds. Recently we receive customers, agents, resellers who are sending their inquiries for milk powder from different brands to us.

As a reseller and distributor, we like to create a band with our suppliers, the band of trust and the corporation. When we receive the orders after we examine them based or true/wrong we look for the best suppliers to buy from.


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